FAC's Homestead and Grazing Lease Documents

These documents were obtained from The Provincial Archives Alberta which provided me with paper copies of the microfilms that were made in the 1950's of the original documents.

There is a map showing the homestead locations which appears to have been updated October 10, 1916 and then five files relating to FAC and AA's filings for homesteads. In several cases they show FAC abandoned, then AA petitioned for them. In another case FAC abandoned as he could no longer meet the requirements of land ownership.

There are also three files showing FAC's grazing lease applications and then abandonment of the leases wlhen he could not longer sustain their profitability and had to move to Edmonton.

Below are the links to all the documents. They are all PDF files so you will need the Adobe reader to opern and read, but this is free. Please note that some documents are not the clearest since the microfilms were not the best. Enjoy.

Homestead Map Map

Homestead file 1 1910 Application

Homestead file 1 1913 Application

Homestead file 1 1930 Abandon

Homestead file 1 FAC Abandon and AA file SE22

Homestead file 1 FAC Abandon and AA file SW22

Grazing Lease Part 1

Grazing Lease Part 2

Grazing Lease Part 3